Beat Inflation With These Money Saving Tips

A wedding today may cost you more than the same wedding would have a few years ago, but there are several ideas and tips you can implement to offset inflation’s impact on your special day.

#1: Start Wedding Planning Early.

Planning your wedding well in advance gives you more time shop and compare, save funds to contribute to the celebration, and plan your budget accordingly. You can look for the best values and have more options available.

#2: Be Flexible.

Prioritize the areas of your celebration most important to you, and be flexible on the areas you don’t care about as much. Try to focus your efforts on the aspects of the wedding that are most meaningful, such as the ceremony and venue location.

#3: Get Married in The Off-Season

When it comes to availability in the wedding industry, the higher the demand, the higher the fee. Spring and summer dates are highly competitive and get booked quickly. To save money, choose an off-season wedding date. If you are planning a wedding in Colorado, some of the best times of the year to get married are in the “off-season” like late fall and early winter. You can save thousands on your wedding venue and vendors if you plan a date during this time of year!

#4 Have Your Wedding on a Day Other Than Saturday.

Venues, such as Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, offer a lower price on weekdays, so you can save a lot by having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday instead of Saturday. However, don’t be scared to choose a mid-week wedding date either!

#5 DIY What You Can.

You can save money on decorations by making them yourself or borrowing them from friends or family. Couples can also DIY wedding elements such as invitations, gifts, or floral arrangements. You can find a variety of pre-owned wedding items on wedding resale marketplaces as well. Many venues already have a beautiful backdrop and lighting that will make your wedding look beautiful!

#6 Skip the Wedding Planner.

Many venues, like Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, can help you plan, select vendors and include a day of wedding coordinator. This can save you the cost of hiring a separate wedding planner.

#7 Have a Smaller Wedding Cake.

Many event professionals report that wedding cakes are often wasted after the celebration because they rarely get eaten. So instead, couples can purchase a small cake for the ceremonial cutting and serve plain sheet cake to their guests. You can also get creative and have a dessert table, cupcakes or donuts! Lily Farm Fresh Event Center allows you to bring your own food, so you can customize your dessert and save money at the same time!

#8 BYOFood and BYOB

Some venues, like Lily Farm Fresh Event Center allow you to bring your own alcohol and food, which can save you thousands on your big day. It also allows you to customize and add any unique accents to your catering without blowing your budget!

The Takeaway

The truth is that weddings will cost more in the next year. If couples don’t want or can’t afford to increase their wedding budget, they have to choose between compromising pieces of their wedding vision. Selecting the right venue to help with cutting your costs is a great first step!

Planning a wedding today requires flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity, and clearly defined values and priorities.


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