Great Bridal Suite Qualifications

There is nothing like a terrible bridal suite to ruin the start to your wedding day. We took the liberty to discover what makes the PERFECT Bridal Suite, just so your day can be just that, PERFECT!

1. Check for plenty of seating!

Your Bridal Suite should have enough seating for everyone. A place to sit while your getting your hair and makeup done. A place to sit while your reading that sweet last minute letter your fiance wrote. A place to sit to get rid of those last minute jitters. So sit down and relax.

2. Counter space!

Let's be real. On your big day, you'll be bringing a whole lot of everything; flowers, glitter, hair spray, fancy water bottles, bridesmaid's gifts, tissues and we can't forget that Starbucks cup that has "Bride" written on it. Make sure when you're bringing all that fun stuff, you have the room for it. You don't want to just dump it all on the floor and have it be in your way all morning, so make sure your bridal suite has space for all your extras!

3. An area to hang up all your dresses!

You have all your dress, your mom's dress, your bridesmaids dresses. Now.. Where to put them so 1. they don't get wrinkled. 2. they don't dirty and 3. they don't get stepped on. Your bridal suite should have a place for you to hang them up. You shouldn't have to worry about something like that, so hang up that dress, drink out of your fancy Starbucks cup and get ready for your day!

4. Outlets. And LOTS of them!

There should be PLENTY of outlets. You'll have to charge your phone and so do your girls. Also, your makeup artist/hairstylist may have to plug in any extra lights, fancy mirrors, curling irons, or blow dyers. So make sure your covered!

5. A Mini Fridge!

You'll need to eat, you can't have your tummy be full on just Starbucks! Bring snacks and drinks to stock it, keeping you and your girls hydrated and happy!

6. A Bathroom

You shouldn't be running all over the place, up and down the venue's staircases, just to relieve yourself. Make sure your Bridal Suite has a clean and close by bathroom. BONUS if it has a shower, for any hygiene emergencies! You can never be to careful!

7. Mirrors

People will be "oohing" and "awwing" at you all day, make sure you can see what they see. There should be all types of mirrors in your bridal suite, just so you can see how beautiful you look right before you say "I do"

8. Special perks!

The bridal suite you find should be different than any other place you would get ready in. It should give you a special wedding day feeling! It could come with champagne! Possibly even chocolate! Or maybe it has a cute little window to overlook your reception area, checking out what all your guests are up to, without being seen...

9. An area for a first look. With your girls!

It could be around the corner outside, or maybe it's inside the room if it's big enough. But a nice deck would be perfect for you to allow all your gorgeous bridesmaids to see you all ready for your big day!

10. A Grand Entrance from your Bridal Suite to the Ceremony Site

That can be anything from a horse drawn carriage or a simple final walk with your dad. No bride should have to be hiding out for longer than necessary on their big day so the distance from your bridal suite to the ceremony site shouldn't be farther then you can throw.

There you have it! 10 amazing qualifications that is a must for your bridal suite!

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