Guest list outta control? Tips on how to cut it down

Planning for the big day usually starts with a few simple tasks, picking your day, picking your wedding party, starting your guest list. Wait, is the last one really simple?! It definitely can be. 

After the initial excitement of getting engaged cools down, you start to wonder who do you really want to share your big day with. Best advice: Who are you going to want to see in photos 20 years from now? 

Here are some tips on how to keep your guest minimized to the ones who matter the most.

Have they met both you and your fiance? 

This can get tricky as you may have a college friend or two who moved far away but you keep in touch with that just has not had the chance to meet the husband or wife to be. That is okay! However, if you start inviting people you do not talk to often that do no know your fiance, it can get a bit weird, especially if they add plus-ones who you have never met. Boom: you could not know 1/4 of your guests.

How long have you known each other? 

You want to invite people important to you. That person you go out with twice a month, a golf buddy, maybe even your yoga instructor. However, think about your photos and videos. Are you going to look back and think huh, I haven’t talked to them since that day! 


All family believes they will be invited to your big deal, even that very distant cousin you haven’t seen since you were 12. However, this day is a day to celebrate with people who are special to you in every day life. This does not mean only invite family you see all the time, but invite family who know you now, and will know you then.

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