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How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Consider venues that offer elopement or micro-wedding packages – You can always host a less-formal reception on another day for more of your family and friends. Lily Farm Fresh Event Center offers budget friendly elopement and micro-wedding packages.

Schedule your reception for off-season or a day other than a Saturday Many venues, including Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, offer less expensive packages Mon-Friday and Sunday or Nov-March.

Simple invitations. Try seal-and-send invites with an all-in-one design on which you can print your invitation. Just fold, seal and mail — no envelopes needed! Since the RSVP card is a tear-off postcard, you can save on postage again.

instead of a traditional bridal gown, consider buying a bridesmaid’s dress in white or ivory. Most dresses can be ordered in either of those colors. You can also choose an evening dress that isn’t specifically made for a wedding.

Don’t rent a tux for the groom. A new suit and dress shoes can cost about the same amount as a rental tuxedo.  Look for good deals, and choose something he can wear again and again.

If you have bridesmaids, let them choose their dresses. If you want them to coordinate with each other, tell them the dress must be a particular color. Each bridesmaid will be able to choose a dress that flatters their figure, fits their budget — and maybe they can wear it again.

If your wedding and reception are on the same day, try to have both in one location. Lily Farm Fresh Event Center offers beautiful ceremony locations. You won’t have to provide transportation for yourselves or your wedding party between the venues.

Choose a venue that offers BYOB and BYOFoodLily Farm Fresh Event Center offers BYOB and BYOFood options to save you thousands!

Budget for costly non-food items. Consider what your venue or caterer includes as part of their service packages before making any decisions. Lily Farm Fresh provides tables and chairs, a day of coordinator and has many all-inclusive package deals.

Have a cocktail party instead of a full reception. You can still have all of the trappings of a reception without the standard sit-down or buffet meal.

If you plan to have an open bar, keep costs in check by offering beer, wine and a signature cocktail.

Choose a small wedding cake. Cut it for photos, but serve a less expensive sheet cake or cupcakes to guests.  The benefit of cupcakes is that you serve a variety of flavors. You can also skip the cake and serve your favorite desserts such as pie, brownies, lemon bars, etc. Lily Farm Fresh has many bakery vendors!

Keep bouquets simple. Carry a simple bouquet and give bridesmaids a few stems of a specific flower to hold. Boutonnieres can be the bud of the same flower. Limit other fresh flower decorations. No one will care if you don’t have flowers lining the aisles or in vases around your venue.

Get flowers at a grocery or big-box store. Choosing seasonal or local flowers will lower your cost even more. Ask friends or family to help you make simple arrangements for the reception. Buy vases at craft stores using coupons or buy them used.

Get creative with decorations.  Pinterest has unlimited ideas for decorating with items like mason jars, wine bottles and other inexpensive objects. Choose decorations that can be easily arranged at the venue the day before or the day of your event.

By focusing on what is important to you for your wedding and being flexible with the details that are less important to you, you can have a wedding you’ve always dreamed of for less money.

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