Am I invited to the wedding? And other questions + the PC answer when you are a bride

Now that you are engaged, some social bounds somehow just seem to escape those around you.

Here are some common questions and the best, and most polite way to answer.

  1. Q: Am I invited to the wedding?

This one is tricky but here are some common answers for some different timelines: 

  • 1 – 4 months engaged: We are still celebrating our engagement, the guest list will come closer to the date.
  • 3 months to wedding: We are both so fortunate to have so much family and close friends, but we did have to draw a line due to budget.

2. Can I bring my random friend who you have met once to your bridal shower?

A: I like *said friend* but I am really looking forward to celebrating with the people who were invited by *host.* Maybe we can grab a drink soon?

3. Can’t I just pay you for my unexpected plus one’s food?

A. Unfortunately, we have given our venue the final count and it comes down to more than food. They are welcome to come to the day after brunch if they would like!


What are some other tough questions you have had to deal with?


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