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Lily has been busy!

5280 Magazine sat down with our founder, Lily Morgan, for a Q&A session in early April.

Shortly after, Lily was asked to be on Colorado’s Best! (HINT: promo code in this video!).

In case you didn’t know, Lily is a pioneer, and an obvious candidate for the term O.G. (original gangster).

Growing up on a farm, her family was well immersed in cultivating. Lily was exposed to nature’s bounties at a young age, as was her sister. After an incident witnessing the slaughter of some pet chickens, her sister became vegetarian. In support, Lily would often tag along to health food stores, even though she really wanted to just wait outside. (Read more about Lily’s upcoming in her book Beauty, Health and Happiness).

However, she grew increasingly more curious about the skin care products these stores had to offer after developing acne. Her curiosity led to creation, thus the quest to Lily Farm Fresh skin care began.

Fast forward. The skin care line is just the beginning. Opening in 2018, Lily Farm Fresh Event Center will be the location of an 80-acre farm to continue to create her one-of-a-kind organic skincare line, as well as a gathering place for events within the community.

Did you know that we were the first at what we do in Colorado? Did you know you can come find your inner yogi at the new events center? Did you know that there is one thing you should NEVER use on your skin?

Find out more words of wisdom that Lily shared in the article here and watch the video here.

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