How to not break the bank being a wedding guest

Wedding season is upon us, which means wedding save-the-dates have probably taken over your fridge. Throwing a wedding, and being in a wedding come with their own sets of costs but what about the guests who are attending multiple weddings each Summer season. What is the best way to prepare for wedding season as a guest?

Check out these top three tips and tricks to not break the piggy bank:


This may seem obvious, but make sure you are well aware of locations and expected arrival and departures for wedding weekends. Also, ensure you are not overloading yourself going to weddings back to back to back without a plan.

Set a budget per event

Many female wedding guests are asked to attend several events for the bride and the couple. Make sure you set an appropriate budget for each event you attend and try hard to stick to it. The bride and groom definitely do not intend to make sure are stretched too thin to have fun! Be realistic about what you can afford.

Be personal

The lack of personal touches with weddings is actually diminishing, which takes away so much sentiment. Opt out for the fancy blender to something the couple will enjoy, and hopefully even grow sentimental about. A name plate, a customized decoration, something handmade goes a long way for a couple who genuinely just wants to spend their day with you.


What wedding guest cost savings have you done?

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