What is the one thing brides hate for guests to do at their wedding?

Being a wedding guest comes with some unspoken responsibilities, but we think its time to make them spoken as they are often broken.

Here are what brides wish you knew about being a guest:

  • RSVP – PLEASE! You see and hear this repeatedly yet when your friend from college gets married you just assume they know you wouldn’t miss it. Spoiler: they don’t! Make sure to RSVP and respond in a timely fashion if you were not able to RSVP
  • Don’t bring an unexpected plus one: Sure, you bringing one extra person may not be the end of the world, but when 50 other guests decide this as well, that is 50 extra people unaccounted for. Trust us, one of every brides fears is running out of food at her wedding. Don’t. Make. That. A. Reality. 
  • Bring a small gift: The bride and groom are sharing their special day with you, no harm in showing a small token of appreciation and celebration of their new nuptials. Although not every couple wants gifts, cash is king and it is greatly appreciated! 
  • Treat the open bar with respect: This does not mean get hammered because its on the house, enjoy a few drinks along with your dignity. This is not your chance to make a fool of yourself.

What is something you wish guests knew at your wedding?

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