Wedding Traditions You Can Let Go Of…or not

Times are a-changing and are actually doing so at an even more rapid pace (or so it seems). 

How do you compare to your mothers wedding? Grandmothers wedding? Aunt? Sister? Cousin? The answer is simple: You can’t and you should not compare your big day to anyone elses.

This day is about the vision and your fiance have concocted.

Gathering vision and inspiration from others is absolutely acceptable, but there are just somethings that may you don’t want to incorporate into your big day and that is 100% okay. 

Here are the top wedding traditions that are making their way outta the big day lead up and timeline:

Bouquet of ribbons from bridal shower for rehearsal dinner

With the revolution of online gift giving, chances are you are going to get your gift mailed directly to you therefore sans the bows. If you wish to have a faux bouquet for your rehearsal, perhaps make one from brooches, or tap any friends who have a garden to see if they can pull some for you. 

Bachelorette’s last night

Brides are using this time to spend with close friends and family and are actually opting for entire weekends away. Don’t feel the pressure to get smashed and make a fool of yourself, take the time to enjoy what you like to do with your favorite gal pals by your side.

Garter toss

We have all seen it, the look of horror as you ask single men to the dance floor to gather an article of clothing that has been strategically placed near the girly parts of a cousin, sister, friend, acquaintance. Many people are vetoing the actual toss but still opting to wear the garter. 

Grooms Cake

While this was ultra popular in the 90s, this trend is slowly but surely fading away as is the traditional white wedding cake. Many couples are opting for creative options such as bundt cakes, cinnamon rolls even donuts.

Kitchen heavy registries

Many couples are living together prior, or they are older and have decided to ditch the plastic cups from their favorite bars in leiu of glasses. It is okay not to ask for everything to stock your kitchen. There are plenty of options for vacation funds, or even just asking for straight cash has become more acceptable. Ask for what you need, not what you think others want to get for you. 

What are other traditions you are seeing disappear? Do you think this is for good or will they resurface? After all, history repeats itself. 


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