What does BYOB mean at Lily Farm Fresh Event Center?

One of the best things about Lily Farm Fresh Event Center is that we offer BYOB!

Here is exactly what it means at our barn inspired wedding venue and event center:

  1. BYOB means you can purchase the alcohol you want for your wedding
    1. There are no limitations of liquor types, etc. as long as it is legal within the state of Colorado
  2. You must use a Lily Farm Fresh Event Center TIPS certified bartender to serve
  3. We require a designated person from your party to sign in all alcohol when delivered
    1. Delivery of alcohol can occur the day prior to your event
    2. A person designated by the bride or groom needs to be present to assist in inventory
    3. Any unused alcohol can be picked up the following day

We do have one rule (just like most venues): no shots.

Interested in learning more about our packages? Get in touch! Email: [email protected].


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