Colorado Farm Wedding

Your Rustic Chic Colorado Barn-Inspired Wedding

A farm barn-inspired wedding is the pinnacle of rustic chic. It’s all about the casual-meets-elegant elements each couple adds to make their barn-inspired wedding their own. Exposed wood, farm views, nature-inspired details, whiskey barrels table tops, locally sourced cocktails in mason jars and lots of beautiful lighting can all communicate the vibe you’re going for.

Barn weddings hold infinite possibilities for breathtaking photo and they can be an incredible wedding venue choice for someone looking to plan a wedding on a budget!

Many traditional barn wedding venues do not come with any extras. You may be responsible for the tables, chairs, dishes and other extras. Consider the additional cost of lighting, generators, catering tents, a backup tent for the ceremony, vendor tents, a commercial cleaning of the barn and access to water and perimeter lighting. Easton says. However, Lily Farm Fresh Event Center is a barn-inspired venue on 80-acres of Colorado farmland! It is a fully climate controlled venue with plenty of indoor and outdoor space, and comes with tables, chairs and linens for 150 guests!

Fields and pastures are picturesque, and sometimes you would have to make sure they’re car and wheel friendly. Lily Farm Fresh has a large paved parking lot that does not distract from the peaceful views. Free and easy parking for all your guests is critical when planning a farm wedding!

Wondering what to wear to a barn wedding? Ditch anything stuffy and opt for nature-inspired to fit the vibe of the venue. The wedding couple can try antiqued lace and light-colored linen suiting. Lightweight trousers with suspenders and muted boho styles help the wedding party fit right in. For guests, think floaty fabrics and floral accents to match the scenery. Wedges, flats, boots, and oxfords are all wonderful ideas for a farm barn-inspired wedding!

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